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Alpine School District Surplus
Auction Information

Item (s) must be paid for at the time of pick up within the listed time frame currently 5 days as per auction listing.
Many of your question will be answered in the Terms and the Auction listing.

ASD General Disclaimer
Viewing of Items
Payment and Pickup Information
Shipping Information
Freight Information
Miscellaneous Information
Key Things You Need To Remember

-ASD General Disclaimer: We expect you to honor your bid and complete the transaction if you are the successful bidder. Failure to pay for and pick up items awarded within the listed time frame, will result in a permanent block from future auctions. (If you have been blocked by more than 2 other agencies, you may be automatically blocked from our auctions.) Alpine School District reserves the right to withdraw or refuse any or all bids on any items being offered. ASD further reserves the right to cancel any or all items for any reason any time before auction closing.

-All Items are Sold As Is-Where Is: ASD makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the condition of items being sold. Everything should be considered "used in unknown condition" unless stated. Neither those descriptions, nor any oral statements made concerning any item, shall be considered as a warranty, expressed or implied. Please keep in mind, the items in surplus are here because they are either out dated, no longer in use or broken. We do not have first hand knowledge of the items sold. Verifying description/condition is bidder's responsibility.

-Viewing of Items: We encourage you to view and test the items before placing a bid at 490 North State, Lindon, Utah. We are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Closed Daily 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Holidays.

-Payment and Pickup Information: Item (s) will be available for pick up the day after the auction closes. Item (s) must be paid for at the time of pick up within the listed time frame currently 5 days as per auction listing. Payment will be accepted in person at: 490 North State, Lindon, Utah. We are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Closed Daily 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Holidays. No appointment necessary. Please Check "Home Page" for Updated Closures. Out of state bidders, please see shipping information below.

Please be prepared to pick up your items when you make payment. Items paid for but not picked up within the listed time frame will be placed back on the auction and we will consider your payment a donation. You will need to bring help to load any large items as well as a truck or trailer to pick up your items. Please bring your OWN twine/rope to secure your load. We will not supply it.

Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash, US Postal Money Order, Visa/MasterCard, or check. (NO Out-of-State checks will be accepted. In-State checks will be accepted up to a maximum of $500. A copy of your driver's license is required.) Insufficient fund checks will immediately go to collections and bidder will be permanently blocked from future auctions.

-Shipping Information:
Winning bidders are solely responsible for all shipping arrangements as well as all associated costs. No items will be shipped until payment has been received.

Shipping only: to pay with Visa/MasterCard, please call: 801-610-8047 or 801-610-8042. If we are unable to take your call, please call back.

Mail payment to:
Alpine School District Surplus
490 North State
Lindon, Utah 84042
(US Postal Money Order payable to "Alpine School District Surplus" and a copy of your driver's license)

The following UPS Stores will pickup, package and ship your purchase to your address location. Payment to ASD Surplus must be made before The UPS Store will pick up your items. Upon payment contact one of The UPS Stores below and schedule a pick up. For more information contact The USP Store.

The UPS Store requires a copy of your winning email. Please forward your winning email with all your contact information to the store of your choice.

The UPS Store #3977
3214 North University Ave
Provo, UT 84604
Phone: (801) 375-1700
Fax: (801) 374-1042

The UPS Store #2269
51 West Center
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: (801) 226-7638
Fax: (801) 226-8029

-Freight Information:
All freight items must be handled by one of The UPS Stores. They will secure and wrap items to a pallet. No exceptions.

Alpine School District assumes no liability for the pickup and shipment of your property. These companies are not agents acting on behalf of ASD, but are only provided as a convenience. Your consent and agreement to accept shipping terms and conditions for picking up, packaging and transportation are exclusively between you and shipping vendors. All items must be paid for in full prior to being picked up.

Items not picked up within 10 business days will be placed back on the auction and we will consider your payment a donation.

Buyers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Alpine School District for any and all damages, claims or liability of any nature of kind in the sale of or the buyer's use of the property. The buyer, its predecessors, successors and assigns hereby release, relinquish and discharge Alpine School District, its former, present and future agent, employees, from any and all liability arising out of the sale and/or concurrent negligence of Alpine School District or any injury, including death or damage to persons or property, where such damage is sustained in connection with or arising out of, the sale Alpine School District owned property.

-Maximum Bidding: (also known as Proxy Bidding) allows you to enter a maximum (or proxy) bid and the system will bid for you up to your maximum. For example: You find an item that you really want. You are willing to pay $25.00; but the current bid price is only $2.25. You could sit at your computer, outbidding each new bid until you reach $25.00. Or, you could let the system be your proxy and do the bidding for you.

We typically will not cancel bids made in error. However, if we do need to cancel your bid. You will not be able to bid on that item again.

Here's how it works: You decide how much you're willing to pay, enter your first bid and give your proxy (the system) a confidential maximum bid. You note the ending time of the auction and log off. Your proxy (the system) engages in a fierce bidding war with other bidders while you go about your business. If other bidders have placed a proxy, your proxy bid may lose or jump above the over proxy bid. At the end of the auction, check back in to see how your proxy did. If other bidders outbid your predetermined maximum, you won't get your item. Otherwise, you're the winner-and the final price could even be less than the maximum you were willing to spend! It may appear that the same bidder is raising their own bid but actually what is displayed is the RESULT OF PROXY COMPETITION.

-Understanding the Bidding History: Tie bids are awarded to the first bidder. Previous proxy bids will take precedent for anyone who matches an amount covered by the scope of the proxy.

-Eligibility to Bid: This auction site is available only to individuals who are legally able to form binding contracts as the buyer of an auction item. Individuals under the age of 18 are not eligible to participate in the bidding process.

-Miscellaneous Information: Auctions end five (5) minutes AFTER the last bid.

-Privacy: Personal information is used for the purpose of conducting online auctions and will not to be used for any other purpose.

-Key Things You Need To Remember:
*Read the Auction Listing, Description and View the Pictures.
*Check the "Home Page" for Updated Closures.
*Please pay for your items when you pick them up. (Shipped items read above)
*Read the listing for time frame to pay and pick up your items.
*Items will be available for pick up the day after auction closing.
*You need to know your User Name to pick up your items.
*For large or heavy items, you need to bring someone to help you load your items.
*All information available is listed on the Auction Description. Please use a search engine and search the model number for more information.
*A google map is attached to every item and your winning email.

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